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Robin and Bina Williamson work together so well because they create a perfect balance of voices.They draw on a wide variety of original and traditional songs ,stories and music from Celtic, English, Indian and Old Timey roots ;celebrating the turning year and the mystery of being alive.

Robin is legendary worldwide as musician ,storyteller and writer.He has forefronte...d many genres over his 50 year career.
Bina is an inspired and gifted singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist in her own right.

She has a hauntingly sweet melodious voice.
Their performances together feature their East West vocal harmonies with harp ,bowed psaltery dulcimer and diverse other instruments.

"An evening of enchanting entertainment,"
Edi Stark ,Radio Scotland,Celtic Connections.
"Enthralling musicianship"
Glasgow Herald
"Pure beauty through simplicity"
Robert Plant
Robin and Bina Williamson

Robin Williamson

Founder in the 1960's of the Incredible String Band and of the Merry Band in the 70's Robin has been at the forefront of the storytelling revival in Britain and America since the 1980's.

He was the first to focus on the restoration of Celtic Harp to it's ancient role as spontaneous accompaniment to spoken word.

He continues to tour internationally solo and as a duo with his wife ,singer multi -instrumentalist ,Bina Williamson.

A most prolific and diverse songwriter ,Robin has made numerous records over his 50 year career ,most recently for ECM and Quadrant as well as on his own label Pigs Whisker Music.Twice nominated for a Grammy he is cited as an influence by Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin and many contemporary acoustic and new folk artists.

Latest Recordings:
Love Will Remain
Trusting in the Rising Light
Robin Williamson
Photo: Alan Mawdsley
Bina Williamson

Bina Williamson

East-African born British Asian BINA WILLIAMSON has been performing and recording for a number of years, touring with Robin not only as a duo, but also with the Just Like Ivy Band and reformed Incredible String Band. Bina has a voice of resonance, innocence and warmth, drawing on a variety of Indian styles as well as the Celtic heritage and British folk traditions. Bina plays bowed-psaltery, auto-harp and percussion.

Photo: Gavin Williamson

Canterbury Festival 2004 said of them “spellbinding, new territories broken”.

"Miss them at your peril!" Glastonbury 2007

" Superb"
Rowan Williams

" pure beauty through simplicity"
Robert Plant

Their concerts are seasonal celebrations of the turning year embracing legend – original, traditional, visionary and spiritual material, and folk music from many roots. This is real music, magical simple funky and true.

"Robin and Bina work together so well because they create a perfect balance of voices.And Bina is a real professional in her own right ,both as a singer and  as a musician.
I see Robin and Bina's performance together as incorporating the best parts of the Incredible String Band and condensing &  distilling it  into a new and unique form of musical creativity .
They blend original lyrics and melodies with folk ,old -timey, spirituals and blues with large helpings of Celtic and Indian influences."
Steve Andrews
Pulse Cardiff 2010

The whole of Robin and Bina's performance was enchanting and companionable.They kept the capacity audience involved and captivated throughout. Somehow everyone felt so invigorated by the concert that they didn't  seem to mind stepping out into  the dreadful weather on offer outside the hall afterwards."
David Kidman
Birdsedge Hall 2009

I have to say for me the highlight of the whole weekend was watching Robin and Bina Williamson on the Saturday afternoon .They were simply marvelous!
Magpiebridge Blogspot 
National Acoustic Festival 2012




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