Robin Williamson Concert Dates

We've had the privilege of promoting Robin Williamson’s solo concerts - and also Robin & Bina Williamson’s concerts as a duo - in the North East area since 1990. Over these years Robin’s solo concerts have included venues such as Durham Town Hall and The Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond, both of which he has played on a number of occasions.
For quite a few years now Robin has preferred playing at St. Mary's Parish Hall, in Newgate, Barnard Castle.
For the first time on 17th September 2015 Robin will be playing at St. Mary's Church, next to the Hall. I understand that the acoustics in this beautiful ancient church are very good indeed. This venue should be very complimentary to Robin's harp and guitar playing and vocals.
Last year Robin treated us to some tunes on his Hardanger fiddle and a couple of pre-concert photos taken outside the Church are attached. This should be a very special event.
To book tickets and arrange accommodation, you can ring Alan on 07549602148.
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