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These CDs  are in stock at the moment :

Winter's Turning
Gems of Celtic Story One
Old Fangled Tone
Last Concert at McCabe's
At the Pure Fountain
Stevenson's Edinburgh
Just like the Ivy

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For various CDs re-issued in new compilations, please visit BGO Records. For Robin's recent recordings on E.C.M see

Robins 3 first  ECM albums are available in UK on Proper Music Distribution  ( click clients,click ECM,click artists, click W )
Robin 's latest album for ECM
'Trusting the Rising Light'  is scheduled to be released

The album, "Just Like The River And Other Songs With Guitar" available at

Trusting In the Rising Light by Robin Williamson

Robin and Bina Williamson
Photo: Alan Mawdsley
Robin and Bina Williamson
Photo: Niall Reddy
Bina Williamson
Photo: Robin



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